Wire and Cable

We have extensive knowledge and experience in the Cable Industry, and we supply a variation of machines by means of representing the original equipment suppliers of our Wire and Cable products.

AFH Logo


Supplier of Caterpillar / haul-off belts

AFH is highly specialized in the development of endless woven haul-off belts, driving flat belts and processing belts for industrial applications. Special haul-off belts for so-called caterpillar machines have applications mainly in the cable, wire, pipe, profile and plastic extrusion industry and is one of the core products of our company.
Within each of the production processes these haul-off belts in particular are responsible for the smooth transport of the haul-off goods. Rapid progress in machine engineering increasingly makes the use of truly endless and connectionless belts necessary, because only such a homogeneous product can withstand the ever stronger tensile and pressing forces, increasing speeds and enormous developments in temperature.

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Suppliers of Wire Drawing Dies, Enameling & Extrusion Tooling, Polishing and Inspection Equipment and Consumables

Ajex & Turner is a fast growing technology driven organization engaged in the manufacturing of wire drawing dies, and die polishing and reconditioning machinery, as well as consumables used in these processes. The company joined hands with Turner & Stott ltd, Manchester, a UK based company, and hereby offer new and improved technology and the ability to consistently provide a range of tooling, machinery and equipment for various industries. We assure you that with Ajex & Turner you will have a fruitful conclusion and a long term business partnership.

Clinton Logo


Suppliers of Spark Testers and Cable Fault Locators

We are aware that Spark Testing and Fault Locating of insulated conductor forms a critical part of the manufacturing process to ensure superior quality products. GMCEO Engineering Services, acting as Agents for Clinton Instrument Company from the USA, the world leader in Spark Tester and Fault Locating Systems are committed to supply, repair and calibrate these products.

Crosspolimeri Logo


Supplier of thermoplastics and crosslinkable compounds with and without flame-retardent and halogen free properties

Crosspolimeri produces thermoplastic and cross linkable compounds in granular form for use especially in electrical cables and tubes and technical products for the car, aeronautics and railway sectors. We pay special attention to research and development, and have perfected innovative compounds for the car cable industry.

Elof Logo


An electrically driven, emission free Cable Drum Handler designed to meet the continuously growing size and weight of modern cable reels and drums

The Elof Heavy Load Handler is a flexible two-unit product with many alternative applications. When moving and lifting up to 50 tonne loads, the Elof is a safe, cost-effective and durable option.

Erocarb SA Logo


Supplier of Cable & Wire Extrusion Crossheads & Tooling

Erocarb SA specialise the design and supply of extrusion tooling, the company produced its first crosshead in 1986, and emerged as a first address for high precision components and devices for the wire, cable, and plastic industries. The company’s products excel by their longevity and cost-efficiency, and comply with the highest expectations associated to Swiss quality. Erocarb SA is proud to include among its customers the most renowned names in the cable and wire industry.

Eurodraw Logo


Supplier of Equipment for steel wire processing: Wire drawing equipment, Wire processing equipment & Stranding equipment

Along with the experience package, we offer the best practical advice in equipment selection and suggest improvements in manufacturing practices.

We offer an extensive stock of spare parts for all GCR Engineering, Eurodraw, MILL, OZCams, GCREurodraw machines, mechanical and electrical and we have the capability to source or manufacture any other parts. Our tutoring services can offer wire drawing classes, stranding classes and process management classes. In addition to this we can supply technical know-how, for PC strand and Tyre Cord Manufacturing.

IMM Logo

IIM Measurement Engineering

Development & production optical cable measuring devices

We offer solutions for quality assurance during cable production. IIM cable measurement engineering has especially been developed to carry out geometrical measurements, which specifically fulfil cable producer’s requirements to measure the geometrical features of insulating skins and cable sheaths.

We also supply auxiliary cable cutting and preparation devices as well as other devices for cable measurement engineering, such as equipment for:

  • Hot test set
  • Cold impact test
  • Cold bend test
Inoex Logo


Supplier of Ultrasonic Measurement Equipment and Gravimetric Material Dosing & Feeding Systems in the Cable, Pipe & Plastics Industry

Ultrasonic Measurement Equipment and Gravimetric Material Dosing & Feeding Systems in the Cable, Pipe & Plastics Industry. We provide material savings, product quality improvement, overall a more productive and efficient production experience.


A leading company at worldwide level specializing in the production of cooling systems.

Strong principles and the goal of offering only high-quality products have allowed the company to establish itself as a leader in the creation, design and construction of advanced refrigeration systems.

Labtech Logo


Laboratory & Pilot Plant Plastics Processing Machinery & Equipment

Labtech Engineering was founded in Thailand and is one of the largest producers of laboratory and pilot plant polymer processing machines. We manufacture our machines under Swedish management and technology with a very dedicated Thai staff of engineers and technicians.

Lorandisilos Logo


Bulk material storage, conveying and handling solutions

We believe firmly in innovating to develop, originally with wine tanks, then containers for the chemical industry, then machinery for the food and chemical industries, and silos for bulk powders and granules. We invest in developing technologies for moving materials around in factories in complete safety, economically and with great precision. Our team of engineers provide assistance all over the world, and we can monitor your systems from our headquarters to ensure they continue to operate efficiently for a very long time.

Powerhandling Logo


Supplier of reel movers that were specifically designed for moving wire/cable reels.

While PowerHandling has built its name building extremely high torque, ultra-compact battery operated movers, with machines less than a cubic foot in size and wirelessly controlled that have moved as much as 650,000lb loads, it has more recently expanded out of its core industrial applications into more mainstream moving applications.

Qunye Logo


Supplier of spools, reels and cable drums

Jiangsu Qunye Electric Industry specializes in the manufacturing of spools, reels and cable drums. We have high standard workshops and offices, first class equipment lines and facilities, advanced management and quality control philosophy to fulfil all your requirements. Another benefit is the standardization and metrology confirmation, which provides users with a full range of technical support and services.

RSD Logo


Suppliers of Printers for the wire, cable, hose & tube industries

We supply direct and indirect printing systems. With its headquarters in Germany and sites in Europe, China, India and the USA, RSD TECHNIK Group offers a broad range of solutions for all types of industrial printing in the cable, wire, hose, pharmaceutical, food, textile and packaging industries.

Sampsistemi Logo


Suppliers of Rotating Cable and Wire Machines

Sampsistemi is the world leading supplier of wire drawing, extrusion as well as rotating wire and cable machines which includes brands like POURTIER and SETIC. The machines in their product portfolio covers a wide range of the business sectors like for instance; automotive, building, communications, infrastructure, mining and includes the following machines:    

  • Rod Breakdown Machines
  • Multiwire Drawing Machines
  • Automotive wire insulation lines
  • Power cable insulation and sheathing lines
  • Double / Triple Twist Twinners & Quadders
  • Single Twist and Double Twist Bunchers
  • Rigid Stranders
  • Planetary Stranders
  • Bow Stranders
  • Drum Twisters

As far as after sales and service is concerned, we have highly qualified technicians available that could provide support with; spare parts, bows, upgrades/rebuilding as well as service interventions & contracts.

SGT Logo


SGT cold welding machines has been supplied world-wide to the wire & cable industry for more than 30 years.

Cold pressure welding is the simplest and most cost-efficient method for connections in electrical coils from copper and aluminum strips with connection bars or leads without using heat, fillers or fluxes. Round wire sections, dissimilar materials and materials of different sizes can all be cold welded with SGT cold welding technology. A cold weld joint is generally stronger than the parent material and has the same electrical characteristics.



Suppliers of Optic Fibre Machinery and Equipment

Shanghai Weiye OFC Equipment specializes the manufacturing and development of fiber optical cable machinery. Our portfolio of machines include; Fiber coloring machine, secondary coating line, SZ stranding line, sheathing line, fiber ribbon machine, and more. Our equipment has high working speed, good quality, and are highly automatic.

Troester Logo


Suppliers of cable extrusion equipment: CCV, VCV for XLPE & Rubber Cables

We supply CV lines for MV, HV and EHV Cables from TROESTER. The main emphasis of our product range is placed on the production of cores and sheathing, rubber insulated cores and conductors, as well as CV lines for medium and high voltage cables. 

The excellent results produced by our extrusion technology, coupled with optimal control and regulation systems, have turned TROESTER into a competent manufacturer of complete lines and individual machines in the cable sector.

Uhing Logo


Rollring Traverse Units for flacking of cable and wire

In our modern production line, we operate multi-axis CNC machining centres. The QA department uses 3D measuring devices and applies approved test methods to monitor the factors that affect the quality of our product lines such as rolling ring drive, drive nuts, or clamping and retaining elements.

Regular training of staff and agents keeps up the high level of competence at Uhing’s to the benefit of all customers.

X-Compound Logo


Supplier of Compounding Plants with Continuous Kneader Technology

X-COMPOUND has evolved into a worldwide leading manufacturer of Continuous Kneaders. With its world-wide renowned high-quality cable production lines, rubber extrusion and processing equipment X-Compound is setting milestones for rubber and plastic processing industries. As part of the group, we ensure qualified service and support to our customers.

Ferrous & Non Ferrous

Wire and Cable​

GMCEO Engineering Services has extensive experience in the Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Wire and Cable Industry. This enables us to supply a vast variety of Cable & Wire machines by representing top international original equipment suppliers.

Wire & Cable Industry Machines

Pipe, Profile, Film, Sheet, Compounding

Plastics Industry

We supply quality Machinery, Equipment and Services to the Pipe, Profile, Film, Sheet, and Compounding Industries. Applications include Window and Technical Profile Extrusion Lines, Compounding Plants, Plastic Recycling Machines, and much more.